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Based outside Edinburgh, Forth Training is a partnership of three registered Paramedics who are passionate about training people in all aspects of first aid and health & safety. We pride ourselves on using only Paramedics with extensive front line 999 exposure. We have a combined 60 plus years experience in pre-hospital care and other specialist roles such as scene management, specialist rescue, and difficult access to enhance your whole learning experience. This provides a large bank of real life experience to draw from when delivering training. You will only be taught by specialists in their field of practice.

All our instructors are fully qualified in adult education and hold the Diploma in Education and Training. We are also qualified in Assessment practices and Internal Quality Assurance. This equips us with a full understanding of best current teaching practice as well as the processes to assist with your learning and development thus ensuring that your learner journey is a quality one.


We deliver a full range of first aid and health & safety training. We are proud to be certified to provide training in association with UK Rural Skills. All courses are fully accredited and linked to National Occupational Standards, certification is valid for three years from completion.

We are pleased to offer Essential Canine First Aid courses which are ideal for dog professionals and owners looking to expand their understanding of what to do in an emergency. Our instructors are fully certified to deliver Canine First Aid and hold a Diploma in Canine Care & Behaviour.

Our health & safety trainers are qualified to graduate level and hold Tech IOSH status as a minimum. We have wide-ranging background in occupational health & safety and are able to relate risks and training to actual incidents to ensure that lessons learned are passed on to you the student.

We are the only training provider in the Uk to offer Working Safely with Dogs, a bespoke course to assist canine professionals in understanding health & safety legislation in relation to canine industry.


• On site training. We can travel to you
• Bespoke training to suit your particular needs based on your work environment
• Flexibility. We will try and fit the courses around your particular requirements



• We understand that people learn in different ways so we vary our teaching strategies to ensure that our courses are inclusive.
• We are firm believers that training should be first and foremost fun but interactive and enjoyable!
• We only use fully qualified instructors to deliver our courses.